Lovelylesh Gains Workout Guide

Lovelylesh Gains Workout Guide

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I’ve put together some of my favorite exercise routines to help you build strong, healthy & curvy bodies. This is a full body guide focusing on building an hourglass shape with emphasis on glute isolation and development. This is a 8 week gym based program that features some gym machines. This guide can possibly be done at home depending on the equipment that you have available. This guide does not focus on gaining weight more so “getting gains”. This workout guide should be paired with healthy eating for maximum results. I recommend pairing with one of my meal guides based on your goal. 

What's included:

  • 8 week program 
  • 5 day workouts   
  • 2 upper body days & 3 lower body 
  • Video demonstration of each exercise 
  • Cardio suggestions

Equipment needed:

  • All weights are excepted (40lbs or heavier for lower body days)
  • Stepper/ Stools
  • Resistance bands & Ankle Strap (visit


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